Online Marketing and advertising Newbie? We can help you sell more shoes with a couple tips and tricks.

Have you spent a lot of time and money on merchandise development with very little results? You thought a lot about a great them of shoes or boots. Writing down idea after idea. You rigorously write an idea down in line at Starbucks while someone is asking for your order. Oops..

Your creative ideas are tacked onto your refrigerator and taped on your laptop. You also have your brilliant ideas in stashed away in your “ideas” booklet. It seems you are ready to rumble! Let’s get it on!

You eventually choose the theme for your new website which is going to be, “Men’s Boots Of The 50’s.” From here on in, everything on your new site must coincide and be themed about the 1950’s boots. That should make sense.

Do not provide or sell men’s trousers or pants. For now, during the early stages of development, stick with this specific shoe.


Now it is time to bring out your “A” game. People are savvy about themselves. They know what it is they want. They’re wise enough to know the vast selection in men’s footwear. Most likely they have already been shopping around for days. They zero in on a specific shoe, a “Men’s shoe of the 50’s”.

It’s coming on early, but right here is a priceless golden nugget.

You now know how people shop online. This is a priceless thing to know. Try to combine your advertising procedures to the way people look for items online. When you can do this, you will be getting extremely targeted customers to your site wanting to buy from you on autopilot. How does that sound?

How about we dive into this a little bit more. People today who go online to get a “men’s shoe of the 50’s” are fascinated in just that, a men’s shoe of the 50’s. That’s it! Do not deviate from this. Very important mistake! This is not to mention it can cost you..

This is an important lesson to keep in mind as well. Most of the cash used on promoting 50’s shoes were wasted. The funds could have gone to boost your variety of 50’s shoe on display on your eCommerce site.

Or greater still, it could have boosted your marketing and advertising budget thus bringing much more qualified traffic to your internet site. You also now have to redo your web site. Nobody has time for that.

Picture this!

Your website page is perfectly themed. Articles are intricately woven all through your web site and the content is focused and concise. You have done your web site homework well. Your content is focused with wonderful articles on the men’s shoe of the 50’s. You can go ahead and pat yourself on the back. You can even give Amazon a run for its money.

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Somewhere in a small city out in the middle of no where. A father has a birthday coming up.

The mom is thinking to herself, “what does he want for his birthday?” One of the toughest decisions to make come birthday time.


She thinks again with a big and bright smile, (the little ones have remembered) “get him a pair of two-tone sneakers from the 50’s.”

Perplexed, the small children respond, “they never sell those shoes in this boring little town. Where can we get them?”

Mom smiles all over again, “try searching online”

“Why didn’t we think of that,” replied the kids.

Then, they go to the laptop, turn it on, search for 1950’s shoes online. Guess what they find. You are right, men,s footwear of the 50’s. Also, guess which website is staring them in the front of the search engine.

This example is something that can happen over and over again. Just stay focused and make sure you know who your targeted audience is. Also, make sure the SEO on your site is polished to get as many organic rankings as possible. Remain targeted, set up just one singular web-site, but set it up effectively.